If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Virginia, contact a Virginia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer now for a free consultation. Our Bristol based law firm may be able to help you resolve your motorcycle accident case and collect compensation for your motorcycle accident injury.  Although our law firm is based in Bristol, VA we handle personal injury cases throughout the state of Virginia, including Abingdon, Marion, Gate City, Smyth County, Washington County, and Scott County.

Motorcycles are legal motor vehicles, and the drivers and passengers of motorcycles have the same legal rights as those who are in automobiles. Unfortunately, drivers and passengers on motorcycles usually incur much more serious injuries due to the lack of protection. Additionally, sometimes these injuries occur because the helmets do not meet Virginia State regulated standards and do not offer the proper protection. The lawyers at The Fleenor Law Firm can handle cases involving motorcycles, and if you know anyone involved in a motorcycle accident in Virginia, please have them contact a Virginia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer so they will know their legal rights.