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A Virginia reckless driving lawyer can help people facing charges of serious traffic violations. Often, those charged with reckless driving or other traffic-related offenses in Virginia have never had any other type of criminal charges against them. Facing criminal charges and the consequences of conviction is daunting for someone with no experience in the criminal justice system. For the peace of mind that comes with knowing your case is being handled by someone who knows the law and understands your rights, call The Fleenor Law Firm 276-466-3502 today to find an experienced Virginia reckless driving lawyer.

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A large number of Virginia drivers have received a ticket or citation for some type of traffic offense or moving violation. What many drivers fail to realize, however, is that more serious traffic offenses can result in reckless driving or other criminal charges that require the legal assistance of a Virginia reckless driving attorney . Virginia traffic laws are among the strictest in the nation, and conviction of major traffic offenses can result in not only monetary fines and loss of driving privileges, but also in jail time. At The Fleenor Law Firm, we have the skills and experience to help fight your traffic violation or reckless driving charge.

Non-Local Defendants

If you received a reckless driving ticket in or near Bristol, Washington County, Smyth county Virginia and surrounding areas you can hire an attorney to appear in traffic court on your behalf. For non-local defendants, this is an incredibly convenient option. Instead of driving possibly hundreds of miles to contest your ticket, you can have your lawyer take care of it for you.

I have worked with clients from all over the country. People regularly get charged with reckless driving in Bristol Virginia along Interstate 81, simply passing through Virginia. I can help you resolve this ticket without having to return to Bristol Virginia.

Reduce Reckless Driving Ticket

In most Virginia reckless driving cases, your goal is to reduce the charge to something more acceptable. Virginia judges have the discretion to reduce your charge to “improper driving.” In some jurisdictions, you might even be eligible to reduce your ticket by attending driving school.

As your Virginia traffic lawyer, I can help you assess your options and determine what outcomes are likely. We can then create a plan of action to fight your reckless driving ticket. The goal is a complete dismissal of the charge or a finding of “not guilty.” But at the very least, I will fight hard to get your charge reduced.

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Reckless driving charges may come from any traffic violation that is deemed more dangerous or serious than other traffic offenses. For example, speeding may only result in a traffic ticket, but if the speed is significant enough, a reckless driving charge may be levied. Many types of moving violations are considered reckless driving:
• Driving in excess of 20mph above the posted speed limit
• Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle
• Failure to signal
• Aggressive driving, such as weaving in and out of traffic
• Passing a vehicle on a curve
• Passing a stopped school bus
• Driving with faulty brakes
• Drag racing
With such a broad scope of moving violations that result in reckless driving charges, it is important to seek the advice of a qualified attorney who thoroughly understands Virginia reckless driving laws and knows the subtleties and nuances of the local courts. The Virginia reckless driving lawyer at The Fleenor Law Firm can thoroughly evaluate your case and aggressively dispute the evidence leading to your charge.

Trusted Reckless Driving Lawyer in Virginia

If you are looking for a reckless driving lawyer in Virginia, turn to the trusted attorney at The Fleenor Law Firm to handle your criminal case. Our dedicated Virginia reckless driving attorney represents individuals charged with serious criminal traffic offenses including:
• Reckless Driving
• Driving with a suspended license
• Driving with a revoked license
• Eluding police
• Vehicular manslaughter
Owned by an attorney with a proven record of success, The Fleenor Law Firm is trusted by clients throughout the state to represent their case with the diligence and skill necessary to achieve a positive outcome.

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