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Interstate 81 has a State line between Virginia and Tennessee and it is located here at the City of Bristol, Virginia. There are only a few miles of Interstate in Bristol, VA, but the Virginia State Police and the Bristol City police are very active and have issued many speeding tickets to drivers like yourself who are passing through Bristol, VA city limits.

Driver ticketed going 81 mph or more? You will be charged with reckless driving!

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Virginia has tough reckless driving penalties for the use of excessive speed. Penalties for reckless driving in Virginia are severe: a criminal misdemeanor conviction causes a permanent criminal record, a 6 month license suspension and up to 12 months in jail, a fine of up to $2500 and 6 demerit points on your driving record potentially, you want to avoid this happenning to you.

Traffic tickets issued in Bristol VA are tried in the Bristol Virginia General District Court. J. Douglas Fleenor is very familiar with the two judges who adjudicate the speeding and reckless driving in Bristol, VA, and importantly - the factors that they consider when resolving the tickets and the penalties they impose.

"I have been very successful for my clients - many speeding and reckless driving tickets are dismissed or reduced to an amended charge, based on your driving history, in the Bristol traffic court."


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"I-81, Bristol Virginia."

If you have been issued a speeding ticket in Bristol, VA call Attorney J. Douglas Fleenor before you simply pay the fine. Douglas can often get your offense reduced. Call (276) 466 3502 for a free consultation.

Getting stopped traveling at 11 miles or more over a 70 mph speed limit in Virginia will result in a charge for reckless driving! Reckless Driving is a criminal misdemeanor similar to a DUI! The consequences of a reckless driving conviction can be severe. Talk with us about these consequences and how J. Douglas Fleenor has the experience to fight to reduce or dismiss your reckless driving charge.

If you've been ticketed for driving too fast, recklessly or other, there are benefits to working with an experienced attorney.

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Your driving record is extremely valuable

Even though most people don’t realize it. The premium you pay for your insurance is based on multiple variables. By far the most important variable is your driving record. Any conviction, even for minor infractions, can show up on your driving record.

Your insurance company may raise your rates. They can stay elevated for 3-5 (sometimes 7!) years. Over this time, you may literally pay thousands in additional premiums. If I am successful in reducing or eliminating your Bristol Virginia citation, if dismissed your moving violation will not appear on your record that insurance companies will review. This is a simple decision based on plain economics.

To verify this, you can call your insurance agent to ask them what effect a conviction will have on your premium. The Law Offices of J. Douglas Fleenor can potentially save you thousands.

Unlike some other speeding/traffic defense attorneys and lawyers, J. Douglas Fleenor has many years experience in defending traffic and criminal speeding and traffic offenses. Doug has a deep understanding of traffic procedures and case law.

"I never went to court and didn’t have to take a day off work it was fabulous".

For people charged with going 80 mph or less, you are fortunate — you were charged with a simple traffic offence. This is not as severe as a reckless driving charge, I will work to get this charge reduced or dismissed for you.

In Virginia, your reckless driving tickets are adjudicated in General District Court. The City of Bristol, Washington County, and Smyth County each have their own general district court, these three jurisdictions form Virginia’s 28th Judicial District.

There are two judges that can hear your case. The Honorable Blake McKinney and the Honorable Eric Thiesson. They deal with all reckless driving tickets.

If you are charged with reckless driving you are required to attend the trial of your charge (unless you hire a Lawyer). Even if you are an out-of-state driver, simply ignoring the ticket and failing to show up at the hearing can have adverse consequences.

A bench warrant for arrest could be issued, which will be added to a national database. If you’re later stopped by the police, you could be jailed.

J. Douglas Fleenor can appear in court on your behalf, we accept credit cards for the payment of legal fees. Douglas offers free consultations, so please call today to learn about how he can help.

Do not ignore your ticket. Call the Law office of J. Douglas Fleenor (experienced reckless driving attorney at (276) 466 3502.

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When you are ticketed in the City of Bristol, VA for speeding or reckless driving, you could be wrong to simply pay the fine - this could be a big mistake! Call me, J. Douglas Fleenor, before you pay - I offer a free consultation and will happily discuss your options. Your best option (depending on your circumstances) might be for me to get your ticket reduced or dismissed and to keep your driving record clean and your car insurance rates low.

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