Reckless Driving Lawyer Washington County, VA

If you’re facing reckless driving charges, you want to be sure you mount the best possible defense, because the penalties and punishments can have long-term and far-reaching consequences.

For more than 20 years, as one of Washington County’s top reckless driving defense lawyers, I have been helping drivers fight reckless driving charges, preserving their rights and minimizing the impact this type of conviction could have on a person’s life.

In Virginia, the consequences of a reckless driving conviction can be harsh. Drivers can face a fine of up to $2,500, a jail term of up to 12 months, and having their license suspended for up to six months. While most people won’t go to jail for a reckless driving conviction, there are some cases where this can happen, especially when the reckless driving offense is particularly egregious. However, with my long-standing knowledge of the local courts, my relationships with prosecuting attorneys, and an understanding of how to negotiate a charge down to a lesser offense and a lesser penalty, I can provide an effective and strategic defense for my clients in most cases.

Mounting an effective defense that can lead to a dismissal is also important for a number of other reasons as well. In addition to possible fines and jail time, a driver convicted of reckless driving can face consequences such as an increase in their insurance premiums. One survey has shown that premiums may increase by more than 20 percent after a reckless driving conviction, creating another hefty hit to your bank account that may last for several years. For other people, a conviction may mean the loss of a job, especially if driving is a big part of what you do. And because of the close proximity to Washington, D.C. many people who work for the government and have security clearances may find those clearances now in jeopardy. While this typically isn’t the case, it does happen.

From a more practical standpoint, a conviction of reckless driving also means you’ll have a permanent criminal record going forward because it is considered a class 1 misdemeanor. This can impact you when applying for jobs in the future, or in other important parts of your life.

Your best bet is to contact me as soon as possible after being charged so that together, we can begin to drill down to the facts of the case and develop the best possible defense strategy for your particular case.

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