Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Smyth County, VA

Getting a traffic ticket is always an unexpected and unwelcome intrusion into your life. Whether or not you’re guilty of the infraction, not dealing with a ticket in the right way can cost you more time, money and problems down the road if you’re not smart about things up front.

In Smyth County, many Virginians have made the smart choice and sought out our office to assist them with the implications of handling a traffic ticket. We take pride in the fact that we’re one of the top traffic ticket law firms in the region, helping hundreds of people to minimize the impact that a traffic ticket can cause.

It’s our job to come up with the best possible defense for your situation. That’s why we’ll analyze all the facts in even the simplest of cases, looking for ways we can challenge the validity of a ticket and seeking to have the infraction dismissed or penalties reduced on behalf of our clients.

We have several strategies that we can employ. In some instances, we won’t deny guilt, but instead, we’ll try to justify your actions. For example, if you’re caught speeding or you run on a red light, it might be due to a medical emergency, or you could be caught in an incidence of road rage. In cases where you swerve in an unsafe way, it might be to avoid debris in the roadway or to avoid hitting a pedestrian. We also might be able to argue that a ticket was issued based on a mistake of fact. If you run a stop sign, it may be because the sign was obscured by low hanging branches, meaning you couldn’t possibly obey an instruction you didn’t know anything about. In cases where an officer’s judgment is in play, we may be able to introduce enough reasonable doubt that will cause the ticket to be dismissed.

There are many possible ways to fight a ticket. Your best bet for winning a traffic ticket case is to contact us so that we can work together and get your charges dismissed.

The Fleenor Law Office proudly serves the Smyth County cities of Chilhowie, Marion and nearby communities.