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In Virginia, operating a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol or other drugs may result in being charged with drunk driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol, drunk driving, drinking and driving is commonly referred to as a DUI or DWI. OWI is operating while intoxicated. Depending on the state you have been charged in, the charging document may refer to the charge as a DUI, DWI or OUI. Another type of offense is a DUID. DUID is driving under the influence of drug(s) or a combination of alcohol and drugs. Regardless of whether you have been charged with a DUI, DWI, OWI or DUID, the penalties are very serious in Virginia. The penalties you receive from the court is only the beginning. You stand to lose your job, pay an exorbitant rate for car insurance, lose your ability to drive either completely or have your driving privileges extremely restricted. The courts have had a lot of pressure put on them lately to not give any kind of break to those charged with an offense where alcohol and driving are involved. These laws apply not only to automobiles, but also to boats and aircraft as well.

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Virginia DUI Lawyer

The Fleenor Law Firm Virginia traffic defense lawyer defend clients charged with moving violations.

We are available to handle car accidents resulting in injury to you that took place on any street or highway in Bristol or throughout Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee, including but not limited to, Lee Highway, I-81 (Interstate 81 Corridor), I-26, I-77, I-40, Route 11W, Route 11E, Route 421, Route 19, Route 58 and more.

In the traffic courts of Virginia, plea bargaining is the modus operandi as a general rule. Neither the police officer, the prosecuting attorney nor the judge is going to tell you this. They don't tell you this because if everybody wanted to try and plea bargain the ticket, the courts will probably have to be open 24 hours a day to handle the case of each person who received a traffic ticket in Virginia. That is why most people pay their ticket and simply move on.

There is one major problem with simply paying the traffic ticket. A traffic ticket conviction costs the person who received the ticket much more than simply paying the fine and moving on. If you get convicted of a moving violation or receive a series of minor moving violations, your insurance rates may go sky high. Also, your driving license may be suspended. Truck drivers who possess a commercial drivers license (CDL) have to take a moving violation very seriously. The traffic lawyer who goes to court to assist you with your traffic ticket must be aware of the impact a traffic offense conviction can have on your ability to drive. Our traffic defense lawyer who defend moving violations in Virginia for The Fleenor Law Firm will discuss your case thoroughly and give you the best defense possible.

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The traffic ticket defense attorney of The Fleenor Law Firm have offices in Bristol Virginia.

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